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A California native,

grew up in Evergreen Valley which no longer exists because Silicon Valley swallowed it. Her childhood was spent “riding dirt bikes through orchards and getting shot in the ass with rock salt pellets by farmers”. After attending high school for six years, she packed it up in an orange VW bug, headed to Los Angeles and got a job in the mail room at Della Famina, McNamee, WCRS -- braintrust of the Joe Isuzu tv campaign. When the mail was sorted and delivered, she worked extra hours refilling the soda machines with beer and cleaning the coffee cups of Dick Sittig, Rick Carpenter, Matt Bogen and Jerry Della Famina. And once took Jerry’s glasses up the street to have them fixed before a Singapore Airlines pitch

After a brief sabbatical to complete some judge-ordered community service in theatrical set design, she then moved up the pecking order to broadcast traffic, producer, and ultimately V.P. Executive Producer with stints at BBDO LA, Saatchi & Saatchi SF, Colby Effler & Partners, and Campbell-Ewald, Los Angeles -- where her legendary reputation was solidified during the week she spent bribing Mexican Federales with flat-screen tv’s to get some bears across the border for a Farmers Insurance shoot. Bottom Feeder projects were juggled after hours and on weekends during the latter of those gigs, and the COUCH show in particular owes sizeable thanks to her freewheeling access to color xerox machines.

Inspired by “The Simple Life”, she quit production in 2005, moved to Maine, and “actually loves it”. A self-taught designer, editor, director, screenprinter and web coder also proficient in construction, when she’s not working in the Biddo studio or whipping up some group trouble, she can generally be found surfing, snowboarding, dirt bike riding, riding Harleys with her dad, mountain biking, road biking, jet skiing, swimming, playing ice hockey, playing 9 holes, watching a ballgame or at a movie. She still occasionally enjoys producing a good TV commercial.

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