Co-Owner / Creative Director

Santa Monica


was born into a big Boston family and spent the first 22 years of her life there. Much of it in, on and around the ocean in summer / hockey rinks in winter. Art was her favorite subject early on, “because art supplies were cool and it was the only class where we got to listen to Red Sox games on the radio”. After four years at Andover, she majored in Visual & Environmental Studies a.k.a. art and pre-architecture at Harvard.

A cross-country road trip to San Francisco resulting in an empty bank account led her to answer an ad in the Chronicle for bike messengers. She spent the next two months delivering chromatecs to design studios around the city and within 5 seconds flat knew that’s what she wanted to do. The following summer she moved back to California for good and started Art Center as a graphics major, eventually also minoring in advertising when she realized she could substitute the Tuesday / Thursday night ad class for the all day Saturday graphics class.

With BFA in pocket and luck on her side, she got hired at The Bomb Factory, Mark Fenske’s Venice-based ad agency & production company. Essentially school all over again, Mark’s high-adventure creative bootcamp pretty much ensured none of its recruits would ever last more than five minutes in Corporate America. Or want to. She spent four years there in various capacities as an art director, animator, designer/director and occasional writer on the Rhino Records, Coca-Cola, ibid., L.A. Cellular and Gallo accounts. A slew of other one-off projects including music videos and book design were also part of the wild ride.

When The Bomb Factory closed its doors, she and Jonas Morganstein moved to Tool of North America as a directing team specializing in animation and graphics-heavy commercials and music videos. Operating under the moniker Heavy International, they worked together for five years until Kate left to focus on art and Bottom Feeder.

When not in the Santa Monica studio she can usually be tracked-down surfing, skiing, snowboarding, gardening, reading the New York Times with a Venti Latté, slumming around the seedier parts of L.A. on some random urban photographic safari, running, drinking beer, watching the Red Sox, checking out a museum, wacking balls at Rancho, or spending chunks of summer in Boston. And in October you can find her tuned-in to every baseball game of the postseason on her DirecTV Extra Innings.

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